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Category: cryptophilanthropy

  • Article featured in: Town & Country

    Crypto’s Credo: Effective Altruism After Sam Bankman-Fried

    Rhodri Davies comments on the future prospects for EA in the wake of Sam Bankman-Fried’s downfall.

  • 19th Dec 2022

    2023 Predictions for Philanthropy & Civil Society

  • Video featured in: Youtube

    2022: A Year in Philanthropy

    Why Philanthropy Matters Director, Rhodri Davies, takes part in a panel session at a recent Alliance Magazine event looking at “2022: A Year in Philanthropy”.

  • 2nd Dec 2022

    Too Much Philanthropy News! (The downfall of Sam Bankman-Fried, plus Bezos’s big pledge & Scott’s latest gifts).

  • Article featured in: Why Philanthropy Matters Newsletter

    Why Philanthropy Matters November 2022 Newsletter (#3)

    You can read the third edition of our monthly newsletter below (from Nov 2022).

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  • Article featured in: Third Sector

    Cryptocurrencies & Blockchain

    In this episode of the Third Sector Podcast, Rhodri Davies talks to hosts Rebecca Cooney and Russell Hargrave about what cryptocurrencies and blockchain mean for charities.

  • Article featured in: Civil Society Magazine

    Cryptophilanthropists – friend or foe to charities?

    In this article, Rhodri Davies is quoted on the challenges that cryptophilanthropy can pose for charities.

  • Learn from our past to better understand our future.

    Philanthropy has a long and varied history. We’ve created bite-size chapters that you can jump in and out of to better understand philanthropy.