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2022 Predictions for Philanthropy & Civil Society

In this episode we take a look at some of the key issues and trends affecting philanthropy and civil society right now and offer some thoughts on what to watch out for over the coming year. Including:

  • Ongoing pandemic uncertainty/"normalisation" rather than an ending
  • Will changes in norms re remote/flexible working become established? What will this mean for civil society in terms of both opportunities and challenges?
  • Individual burnout and organisational closure
  • The climate crisis: do all CSOs/funders need to be doing more?
  • Racial justice: will the focus continue, or is there a danger of it being seen as a "moment" that has passed?
  • Political hostility towards civil society around the globe- further closing of civil society space, new restrictions on foreign funding etc?
  • Is there a decline in giving? Are we increasingly reliant on a smaller pool of donors?
  • Are people giving in new ways that we are failing to count? Does this matter?
  • Will we see more elite philanthropy supporting efforts to develop everyday giving?
  • Impact measurement scepticism
  • Core cost funding, trust-based philanthropy
  • Debate over timeframes (immediacy vs long-term view) 
  • Scrutiny of sources of wealth.
  • Continuing criticism of philanthropy, pushback on criticism; more division within philanthropy
  • The "platformisation" of giving?
  • New cybersecurity threats
  • AI implications: productivity tools, new ways of giving, new challeges to address, need for civil society to have a voice in debate over AI development.
  • Cryptocurrency & blockchain: Rise of cryptophilanthropy (who are crypto-donors, what makes them tick?), can CSOs harness the NFT market (or is it a dangerous bubble?)
  • The Metaverse: what opportunities & challenges might it bring for CSOs?

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