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Tag: charity law

  • Podcast featured in: Third Sector

    The End of Charity: Episode 4

    In the fourth episode of Third Sector’s documentary series on the future of charity, Rhodri Davies joins host Lucinda Rouse to discuss the intersection of charities and politics.

  • Podcast featured in: Winckworth Sherwood LLP

    Charity Law Conversations podcast

    Rhodri Davies joins host Ruo Wu to talk about his personal journey in the world of philanthropy, his new book and some of the big issues in the philanthropy world today.

  • Article

    Politically Correct? Charities, Campaigning & Politics

    13th October 2022

    Why does the relationship between charities and politics in the UK continue to cause so much debate? What benefits does charity campaigning bring, and what risks does it pose? And are the rules governing this area fit for purpose, or do we need a radical rethink?

  • Learn from our past to better understand our future.

    Philanthropy has a long and varied history. We’ve created bite-size chapters that you can jump in and out of to better understand philanthropy.