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Category: AI Philanthropy

  • Article

    OpenAI and the challenges of combining profit with purpose

    23rd November 2023

    What lessons might the recent high-profile chaos at OpenAI hold for philanthropy and civil society?

  • Article featured in: Civil Society

    In-depth: Ethical considerations for charities using AI

    Rhodri Davies is quoted in an article for Civil Society which explores some of the ethical challenges for charities in the AI revolution.

  • 22nd Jun 2023

    Philanthropy, Civil Society and AI

  • Video featured in: NPC

    AI in the Charity Sector: Getting Past the Hype

    Rhodri Davies joined Tania Duarte (Founder & CEO of We And AI) and Tris Lumley (Director of Innovation and Development at NPC) for this discussion about AI and the charity sector, hosted by NPC.

  • Article featured in: Third Sector

    Zoe Amar: What does AI mean for charities?

    Rhodri Davies is quoted in an article by charity digital expert Zoe Amar on what AI might mean for charities.

  • Article featured in: Inside Philanthropy

    How smart tech can make philanthropy smarter

    In this article Beth Kanter and Allison Fine, authors of The Smart Nonprofit credit Rhodri Davies for coining the term “philgorithm” to describe the potential application of AI to automating decisions about giving.

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