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Category: History

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    Why Philanthropy Matters April 2023 Newsletter (#8)

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  • Video featured in: Charity Law & Policy Unit, University of Liverpool

    Sticking to their knitting: charities, campaigning & politics

    Video of a lecture Rhodri Davies gave for Liverpool University’s Charity Law & Policy Unit, on the history and current context of charitable campaigning and politics.

  • Video featured in: Neon One

    An Interview with Rhodri Davies On The History of Individual Giving

    In this video, recorded for Neon One’s Generosity XChange 2022 event, Rhodri talks to Tim Sarrantonio about the history of mass-market giving.

  • Article

    Politically Correct? Charities, Campaigning & Politics

    13th October 2022

    Why does the relationship between charities and politics in the UK continue to cause so much debate? What benefits does charity campaigning bring, and what risks does it pose? And are the rules governing this area fit for purpose, or do we need a radical rethink?

  • Article

    Cold as Charity: philanthropy and the notion of the “undeserving poor”

    29th June 2022

    As political controversy over food banks rages once more, we take a look at the deep historical connections between philanthropy and how we understand poverty.

  • Article

    Funding Change: Lessons from the history of philanthropy & the fight for LGBT+ rights

    13th April 2022

    As we enter LGBT+ history month, we shine a light on one piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked: the role that philanthropy and charity has played.

  • Article

    Mock Generosity: A Brief History of Satirising Philanthropy

    11th December 2021

    Why has philanthropy long been a favourite target of satirists, and what can this tell us about giving today?

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