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Kate Symondson: Family Foundations, Grantmaking & Next Gen Philanthropy

In this episode we talk to Kate Symondson, Head of Philanthropy at the Symondson Foundation, about family foundations, grantmaking & next gen philanthropy.


  • How do the various members of a family foundation agree on what to fund and how?
  • Which aspects of giving as a family are most rewarding, and which most challenging?
  • Does doing philanthropy together have an impact on inter-family dynamics?
  • Do Next Gen wealth holders have distinctive characteristics when it comes to their attitudes towards philanthropy, or their methods of doing it?
  • Is it even helpful to talk about Next Gen philanthropy?
  • How easy is it for younger philanthropists to develop networks with like-minded peers?
  • How can funders strike the right balance between trust and measurement?
  • What kind of due diligence do donors need to do on small charities in order to fund them in a trust-based way?
  • How do you mitigate the power imbalance between funders and grantees?
  • Is philanthropy a duty or a choice?
  • Is it OK for philanthropists to get a reward from their giving?
  • Is growing scrutiny of where philanthropic wealth has come from a good thing?
  • Should foundations’ missions be reflected in their investments as well as their grants?
  • Is it important to scrutinise or critique philanthropy? If so, why
  • Is it a challenge to get nuanced or balanced discussion about philanthropy issues in an increasingly polarised environment?

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