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UnCharitable Special (feat. Stephen Gyllenhaal)


On this episode we take an in-depth look at the 2023 documentary film “UnCharitable”, based on the book and TED talk by Dan Pallotta, which argues that the current funding model for the nonprofit sector is broken.

-An interview with the Director of the film, Stephen Gyllenhaal, in which he talks about how the film came about, what he learned through making it, and what the plans are next for taking the film’s aims forward.
-A critical assessment of the film
-Some short perspectives from attendees at a recent screening of the film held in London (organised by Why Philanthropy Matters and kindly hosted and made possible by Vitol Foundation): Natasha Friend from Camden giving, Amy Braier from Pears Foundation, Angela Kail from NPC and Ruo Wu and Alison Talbot from Winckworth Sherwood.

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