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Articles exploring current issues, historical themes and future trends in philanthropy.

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    Why am I not an Effective Altruist?

    We explore why, despite there being plenty to admire about Effective Altruism, many are still uneasy about the movement’s ideas and influence.

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    Keeping Bad Company: What Does the Blackbaud/NRA Controversy Mean For Nonprofits?

    Following concerns about links between social good tech provider Blackbaud and the NRA, we assess how this fits into wider debates about “tainted” money and the ethics of tech platforms.

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    Cold as Charity: philanthropy and the notion of the “undeserving poor”

    As political controversy over food banks rages once more, we take a look at the deep historical connections between philanthropy and how we understand poverty.

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    Funding Change: Lessons from the history of philanthropy & the fight for LGBT+ rights

    As we enter LGBT+ history month, we shine a light on one piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked: the role that philanthropy and charity has played.

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    Give Full Measure: Why are we so bad at measuring giving and why does it matter?

    Why is it so difficult to say exactly how much giving there actually is?

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    Mock Generosity: A Brief History of Satirising Philanthropy

    Why has philanthropy long been a favourite target of satirists, and what can this tell us about giving today?

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    The Edgelord Giveth: Elon Musk & a new era of discourse about philanthropy?

    Will the world’s richest man bring his usual combative approach to his giving? What could this mean for philanthropy more broadly?

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    Is This The Real Life, Or Is This Just Fantasy?

    What could the development of the Metaverse mean for philanthropy and civil society?

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    Voluntary Woke? Philanthropy, Civil Society & The Culture Wars

    How is philanthropy being affected by culture war narratives? And is it partly to blame for the whole problem?

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    MacKenzie Scott & the History of Challenging Philanthropy’s Status Quo

    How does MacKenzie Scott’s approach to philanthropy fit within the wider history of big money giving?

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    Language Barriers

    Is the way that we talk about philanthropy and civil society holding us back?

  • Learn from our past to better understand our future.

    Philanthropy has a long and varied history. We’ve created bite-size chapters that you can jump in and out of to better understand philanthropy.