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Articles exploring current issues, historical themes and future trends in philanthropy.

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    Cold as Charity: philanthropy and the notion of the “undeserving poor”

    29th June 2022

    As political controversy over food banks rages once more, we take a look at the deep historical connections between philanthropy and how we understand poverty.

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    Funding Change: Lessons from the history of philanthropy & the fight for LGBT+ rights

    13th April 2022

    As we enter LGBT+ history month, we shine a light on one piece of the puzzle that often gets overlooked: the role that philanthropy and charity has played.

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    Give Full Measure: Why are we so bad at measuring giving and why does it matter?

    27th January 2022

    Why is it so difficult to say exactly how much giving there actually is?

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    Mock Generosity: A Brief History of Satirising Philanthropy

    11th December 2021

    Why has philanthropy long been a favourite target of satirists, and what can this tell us about giving today?

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    The Edgelord Giveth: Elon Musk & a new era of discourse about philanthropy?

    12th November 2021

    Will the world’s richest man bring his usual combative approach to his giving? What could this mean for philanthropy more broadly?

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    Philanthropy, Civil Society & the Metaverse

    29th October 2021

    What could the development of the Metaverse mean for philanthropy and civil society?

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    Voluntary Woke? Philanthropy, Civil Society & The Culture Wars

    20th July 2021

    How is philanthropy being affected by culture war narratives? And is it partly to blame for the whole problem?

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    MacKenzie Scott & the History of Challenging Philanthropy’s Status Quo

    15th July 2022

    How does MacKenzie Scott’s approach to philanthropy fit within the wider history of big money giving?

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    Language Barriers

    10th July 2022

    Is the way that we talk about philanthropy and civil society holding us back?

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