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Tag: Core cost funding

  • 29th Feb 2024

    UnCharitable Special (feat. Stephen Gyllenhaal)

  • 1st Feb 2024

    Mary Rose Gunn: Supporting Small Charities to Thrive

  • 18th Jan 2024

    ERNOP: Connecting Philanthropy Academia & Practice #4

  • Article

    GUEST ARTICLE: Why we (still) need to move beyond “overheads” as a way of judging charities

    20th October 2023

    In this guest article Tom Le Fanu from Raise Your Hands, explores why the “overhead myth” is still the bane of so many charities’ lives and what we can do to move beyond it.

  • 19th Oct 2023

    Joshua Amponsem: Funding youth climate justice work

  • Article

    What is Philanthropy For? (Speech to Yorkshire Funders 2023 Conference)

    23rd June 2023

    This is the text of a keynote speech Rhodri Davies gave at the 2023 Yorkshire Funders Conference in Leeds, outlining some of the key questions about the nature and role of philanthropy and why there is a particular need to engage with them right now.

  • 3rd May 2023

    Dr Ewan Kirk – Philanthropy & giving ‘permission to fail’

  • 20th Apr 2023

    Michael Thatcher: Rating Charities

  • 2nd Mar 2023

    Tris Lumley (NPC) – Open Philanthropy

  • 20th Feb 2023

    Claire Dunning – Philanthropy, State & Society in the US

  • 9th Sep 2022

    Derek Bardowell – Philanthropy, Justice & Giving Back

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